Are the bed covers leak proof ?

Campershells sees to it that installation is done according to the manufacturer’s instructions. However, the tailgate itself is not designed to be leak proof.
Campershells will not guarantee any bed covers installed to be leak proof.

Will there be parts available after the shell has been installed ?

Campershells maintains a wide inventory of parts, from the smallest screw to the back glass.Pick-up truck owners need not worry about parts availability.

Can Campershells guarantee the paint of the shell to be exactly the same as the original?

As much as Campershells wants to duplicate the original color of the pick-up truck, factors associated with paint application technology, different paint suppliers, external factors such as humidity and temperature during paint application and the use of different base primers changes the final color. Considering all these factors, Campershells cannot guarantee to duplicate the original color of the pick-up truck.

Why is the Campershells brand cheaper than other brands ?

Campershells has its own research and development and combining modern technology and Filipino ingenuity, was able to come out with its manufacturing process to lower down its cost of production.

What are the advantages of using the Campershells canopies versus other brands?

Campershells are lightweight in design and does not put too much strain on the engine as compared to other brands. It weighs about 35-50% lighter than fiberglass. It resists fading and cracking even with prolonged exposure to sunlight. It is strong and durable compared to aluminum and steel.

How are the shells installed, clamp type or permanent type?

Based on years of experience, Campershells has found that the clamp type does not put a firm hold on the shell permanently. This results in water seeping in. To remedy this, Campershells strongly recommends that the shell be held in place permanently using metal screws.

Can I pay partial as down payment for an accessory/part and just come back for it next month?

To avoid confusion and misunderstanding between the customers and management, it has been the company’s policy not to accept arrangements such as this.

Is the Campershells brand imported ?

The technology and materials are all imported, but the manufacturing process of the canopies are all from Filipino ingenuity.

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