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about1Campershells Inc. started in this line of business way back 1976 when the enterprising owners saw the need to look for a pick-up bed canopy/cover that will secure belongings from external elements. Unfortunately, the only available bed cover that time was made of crude materials consisting of a canvass matting sewn on steel pipes bolted on the truck bed. With no other alternative, a canopy/shell for a Toyota single cab pick-up was imported from the United States. Back then, all US canopies were made of fiberglass. Upon the shell’s arrival and installation, it was found out that there was a potential use of this product for the Philippine market, this started the ball rolling for Campershells, Inc.

The year 1978 paved the way for the birth of Campershells, Inc. as a multi-FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) products corporation. Its main line of business is fabrication of fiberglass pick-up truck tops (later on to be known as Campershells). All the FRP products manufactured during that time were painstakingly done manually. The main pattern was tediously made from wood by highly skilled furniture manufacturers. It normally takes three (3) to four (4) months to do one pattern. From the main pattern, it will take another two (2) to three (3) months to finally come out with the mould.about2

Despite of the long process and to satisfy the demands of its clientele, the company started manufacturing custom made chairs, tables, novelty beds, basketball boards and owner-type jeep tops. The first prototype shell came out in 1979 using fixed-sided glass fiberglass canopies. Because of our tropical climate, this was a concern among end-users since they prefer the sliding-type version for ventilation purposes. Campershells Inc. immediately recognized this concern. With the company’s R and D department (Research and Development), the management staff took this challenge and went back to the drawing board.

This was a significant year for Campershells Inc., coming out with the FIRST Campershell available in the Philippine market. Campershells Inc. R and D took about two (2) years to develop a bending machine that is used to bend the four (4) sided aluminum radial side window without any crimps or stress indications on the aluminum frame. This is necessary to address the concern of the consumers on the issue of adequate ventilation especially during the summer season. With this new technology, the sliding type with four (4) sided radius aluminum window was formally launched in 1982.

The year 1982 proved to be another milestone in the history of Campershells, Inc., having the FIRST operational bending machine that can bend a four (4) radius (corner) side window without crimps or stress indications on the aluminum frame. Having the drive and passion to perfect the canopy business, Campershells, Inc. invested in the thermo-forming equipment in 1990. Thermo forming is the process of using polymer sheets (ABS plastic) together with a mould, “baked” inside an oven under controlled heated temperature. This move was another first in the industry, Campershells Inc. having the very FIRST thermo forming equipment in the manufacture of canopies/tops

With this new technology, it took Campershells, Inc. close to a year to re-engineer its manufacturing process to produce the various models of truck tops. Come year 1990, the first locally manufactured polymer canopy tops was introduced to the Philippine market. This was very much appreciated by pick-up truck owners. It was widely patronized by both the government and private sectors. This success may be attributed to the pick-up truck top’s remarkable lightweight, durability, low maintenance, design and function. In 1996, as a line extension of the canopy/campershell pick-up bed cover, Campershell Inc., started manufacturing its own fiberglass pick-up bedcovers (hard tonneau cover), carrying the brand name Aerocover. Also on the same year, the company branched into the retractable tonneau bed cover; Campershells Inc. was able to get the exclusive distributorship of the Pace Edwards roll top cover from the United States.

about3For year 2000, the company’s R & D management team invested in a state of the art CNC (Computer Aided Design and Computed Aided Manufacturing) machine that provides precise measurements and dramatically shortens mould development. This is in line with Campershells Inc. commitment to supply its customers with quality products at the soonest possible time. The demand for the Campershells went on an upward swing during the 90’s. Campershells Inc. saw this opportunity and embarked on importing other pick-up truck accessories from abroad, particularly pick-up bedliners. The company carried the brand name Rugged Liner. To further complement Campershells Inc., product lines, year 2000 saw the favorable market potential to manufacture tire covers made of polymer sheets (ABS plastic) carrying the brand name Tire Lock.

With years of technical knowledge, good reputation and experience in the thermo-forming process, companies have entrusted their full trust and confidence in the services offered by Campershells Inc. to manufacture high quality parts or products requiring meticulous and accurate specifications.

It is also worthwhile to mention that the brand Campershells has been exported to other countries. This will show proof of Campershells Inc. workmanship and quality to be at par with those manufactured from abroad. With a wide array of products and services Campershells, Inc. has to offer to the public, in 1994, it gave birth to a new company – Ride Inc. This company specializes on products catering to the growing SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) market segment and 4×4 Off-Road market.

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