Different Types of Pickup Truck Cover

Pickup trucks are versatile vehicles, used for both work and leisure. One of the best ways to enhance their utility and protect their cargo is by installing a truck cover. Pickup truck covers come in various types and styles, each with its own set of benefits.

Pickup Truck Canopies

Camper Shells Canopy for Pickup Trucks

Camper shells, also known as truck caps or toppers, are one-piece covers that are mounted over the pickup bed. These canopies offer both low and high roof designs, tailored to fit specific truck models perfectly. The aerodynamic styling of camper shells not only enhances the truck’s appearance but also provides excellent sealing to protect the cargo from weather elements.

Campershells Canopy Model

Alpha Fiberglass Canopy

Alpha Fiberglass Canopy combines practicality and functionality, making it ideal for both commercial and leisure uses. This canopy is designed to be the most convenient and all-purpose cover available on the market, offering a perfect blend of style and utility.

Alpha Fiberglass Canopy

Ride S1 Canopy

Known for its stylish and secure design, the Ride S1 Canopy complements all pickup truck models effortlessly. It features wide-angled lockable sliding side windows and a sliding front window, providing easy access and enhanced security for your cargo.

Pickup Truck Tonneau Covers

Aerocover Hard Tonneau Cover

The Aerocover Hard Tonneau Cover is constructed from heavy-duty ABS material, ensuring durability and strength. For added security, it includes a built-in double lock to protect your belongings. This cover provides robust protection and a sleek appearance for your pickup truck.

aerocover hard tonneau pickup truck cover

Alpha Sports Tonneau Cover

Offering a sleek and elegant design, the Alpha Sports Tonneau Cover complements the vehicle’s aesthetics. Known for its luxurious and refined appearance, this cover features smooth, extravagant contours with no sharp edges, enhancing the sporty elegance of your vehicle.

Cover Up Bed Cover

The Cover Up Bed Cover is a multifunctional tonneau cover that can be opened in two ways: half-open at 45 degrees or fully open at 180 degrees. Made from fiberglass material and equipped with durable, strong linkages, this cover offers versatility and convenience for accessing your truck bed.

Tri-Fold Bed Cover

The Tri-Fold Bed Cover is a foldable design that allows easy access to your bed or the ability to haul large items without removing the cover entirely. You can fold back one or two sections as needed to access the bed or roll it all the way up for full access. This design provides flexibility and ease of use.

Roller Lid Covers

Roller lid covers, or retractable tonneau covers, offer a sleek and streamlined look for your pickup truck. These covers are highly weather-tight and provide excellent security features.

Slider Retractable Aluminum Cover

The Slider Retractable Aluminum Cover offers a sleek, streamlined look and is known for its durability and security. This retractable cover provides virtually unrestricted access to your truck bed, making it a highly practical option.

Slider retractable pickup truck cover

Pace Edwards Roll-Top Cover

Pace Edwards Roll-Top Covers are renowned for their quality, functionality, and innovative designs. As industry leaders in tonneau covers for over 20 years, they specialize in spring-activated retractable hard tonneau covers. These covers are among the highest quality options available, providing premium protection and easy access to your truck bed.

Pace Edwards Roller Lid

Choosing the right pickup truck cover depends on your specific needs and preferences. Whether you need a robust canopy for commercial use, a stylish tonneau cover for added security, or a retractable cover for easy access, there are plenty of options available. Consider the features and benefits of each type to find the perfect cover that enhances the functionality and appearance of your pickup truck.